Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to work....

So Tuesday I went in for a Job interview and they didn't tell me for sure I got the job but they would call me at the end of the day (recap I left East Ave to get more $$$$ and there where some total bitches there. One that will remain nameless only should be known by OLDFATASSHAG! I swear with her I coughed wrong!
Can we say Jealous Much? so anyways I applied for another job in the district and wouldn't you know later that night I got the call I was being placed at East again!! Oh yeah last day of school last year I gave a WHOLE GOODBYE SPEECH!

So All my kids where Excited that I was back cause all summer whenever I ran into them I got Mobbed with hugs and we miss you yadda yada!

So its a fun, I love being able to see all the kids and especially see my son everyday that makes me happy!

So Yesterday the 25th was my Son's 13th Birthday! Plus He had football all day! Good news He won all his scrimmages that was the Best Part oh and going to Cattlemen's with him and embarrassing him!
So your about to see a lot of pictures so be Read to Ohh and Aww!

First day of school pics!

Kaylee and Alex!

Happy 13th Birthday!!!

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