Sunday, August 12, 2012

opp's its been awhile

So Yeah its been awhile I've been busy, I mean busy and a lot of crap going on too. OMG I want to be a ostrich and put my head in the ground to avoid reality right now.

Anyways Friday we went to the Niner Game it was Epic

But a couple of days before that 13yr old was in the backyard getting the pool ready for us to all go in and he found a bunny so I came out with gloves picked it up and found out that it couldn't move its whole left side so I thought maybe a hawk dropped it oh was I wrong 
I had to call the hubby to help me out!

But besides that I have been busy getting school shit ready for the kids so far all the clothes are done, and they both have shoes!  Now all I need is for school to start cause my kids are driving me up the wall.!
well thats it I will write more tomorrow!

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