Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of School, First Day of School!

So today was the first day of school for 13yr old and Lilo,  And THANK GOODNESS they both like there teachers so far! Oh just to mention I'm back to work to I'm again at East not a fancy job but hey its a job and I'm in a union and I get to be home with my kids when school is out so Hey that's cool with me!
Nice thing about today was seeing all the kids so happy to see me, that made me a little happy :) ok a lot!

Omg~~~> First day of school and already homework Lilo came home with a homework packet shhh give the girl a chance to get back into routine. 13 yr old came home with work too Damn California thinking that these kids need to know so much... ok this is a mom who actually helps her kids out with homework! I remember learning the times table in 3rd grade not 2nd. Oh well if you don't like my vent kiss my ass!

So this morning I walked with the BF and her 4ft,grumpy butt, and snuggle bear and lilo to school this morning. So BF and I are starting to walk again when they were in Kindergarten we were walking demons 6miles no problem now that's a no go maybe next month!

Anyway just got home from Football Practice for 13yr old and Hubby just got home too so Need to MAKE MAN DINNER NOW, HE IS BEATING CHEST FEED MAN NOW,NOW FEED MAN OHH FOOTBALL! LOL

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