Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to work....

So Tuesday I went in for a Job interview and they didn't tell me for sure I got the job but they would call me at the end of the day (recap I left East Ave to get more $$$$ and there where some total bitches there. One that will remain nameless only should be known by OLDFATASSHAG! I swear with her I coughed wrong!
Can we say Jealous Much? so anyways I applied for another job in the district and wouldn't you know later that night I got the call I was being placed at East again!! Oh yeah last day of school last year I gave a WHOLE GOODBYE SPEECH!

So All my kids where Excited that I was back cause all summer whenever I ran into them I got Mobbed with hugs and we miss you yadda yada!

So its a fun, I love being able to see all the kids and especially see my son everyday that makes me happy!

So Yesterday the 25th was my Son's 13th Birthday! Plus He had football all day! Good news He won all his scrimmages that was the Best Part oh and going to Cattlemen's with him and embarrassing him!
So your about to see a lot of pictures so be Read to Ohh and Aww!

First day of school pics!

Kaylee and Alex!

Happy 13th Birthday!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of School, First Day of School!

So today was the first day of school for 13yr old and Lilo,  And THANK GOODNESS they both like there teachers so far! Oh just to mention I'm back to work to I'm again at East not a fancy job but hey its a job and I'm in a union and I get to be home with my kids when school is out so Hey that's cool with me!
Nice thing about today was seeing all the kids so happy to see me, that made me a little happy :) ok a lot!

Omg~~~> First day of school and already homework Lilo came home with a homework packet shhh give the girl a chance to get back into routine. 13 yr old came home with work too Damn California thinking that these kids need to know so much... ok this is a mom who actually helps her kids out with homework! I remember learning the times table in 3rd grade not 2nd. Oh well if you don't like my vent kiss my ass!

So this morning I walked with the BF and her 4ft,grumpy butt, and snuggle bear and lilo to school this morning. So BF and I are starting to walk again when they were in Kindergarten we were walking demons 6miles no problem now that's a no go maybe next month!

Anyway just got home from Football Practice for 13yr old and Hubby just got home too so Need to MAKE MAN DINNER NOW, HE IS BEATING CHEST FEED MAN NOW,NOW FEED MAN OHH FOOTBALL! LOL

Monday, August 20, 2012

R.I.P James Lee Perkins

Born on April 26, 1942  Left us on August 17, 2012

Here is Jim 7/2012 with my nephew Ryan.
He survived by his wife Jane 
His son Patrick, His Daughter Stacey, and  His son Joshua and stepson David
including Grand Children, and Great Grand Children

God looked around in Heaven
And found the perfect place.
He looked down upon the earth
And saw your sweet tired face.

He put his arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.

He saw the road was getting rough
And the hills were hard to climb.
So he closed your weary eyelids
And whispered "peace be thine." 

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone.
For part of us went with you
The day he called you home. 

I have know this man my whole entire life. He watched me grow up he was always there watching.
there has always been rumors in my family about certain things and I have asked him what he thought he told me "maybe maybe not"  
I hugged him every time I saw him, just to show him I cared 
When I lost my dad that raised me Jim was the first one I saw at the funeral and he held me and told me it will be ok and he loved me.   
Jim Thank you now you are up there with my dad and you go bowling LOL. Jim I'm sorry I didn't get more time with you, I'm sorry 
I talked to your sister and she made me see that I was always family no matter what I was family.

                                        Please Rest now, you are no longer in pain.

I promise to you that I will keep in contact with my Brothers more and I will call Stacy more to check on them all. I will be there shoulder, I will be there rock I will do as they did for me.
                                           R.I.P  James Lee Perkins 1942-2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ouch stupid Scorpion

So the other day I was in my nice cozy bed and I woke up thinking I got a bite from a mosquito so I ignored it. Then later that day my arm started to swell and warm to the touch and itchy like a MoFo!
So the next day I woke up to my arm & hand super swollen, so swollen my wedding ring would not budge from my finger & I dare say I Freaked out!!! So I had shit to do that day so I went and did them and went over to Epic BF's House and we both tried to get my finger free with no luck :(

So I went to the Doctor and found out  it was a  FREAKIN SCORPION BITE not once but Twice!!! how can I ever be so lucky? snicker, snicker! So After I get my drugs and I start popping  ASAP, the next day the swelling is down. Yeah Me!

So Yeah I'm a magnet for weird things to happen to me!

So A Big Thanks to My Epic BF for the finger Help!

Ok, one last thing my Epic BF is getting her book Published and I could be more ecstatic for her and her Grannie PantieWearing Hippo! I want nothing more for her then for her dreams to come true! I can't wait to get a book signed by her!


A lot has happen

I can't get into it right now but a lot has happen so please trust me when I say I'll post soon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Story.... Part 1

So awhile back I wrote a story about the Hubby & I and I'm posting it on here so I can put faith of love back into someones life.

So here we go.........

   Two people thousands of miles apart with completely different lives only one thing in common at first is wanting to find true love. Her in Oklahoma and him in California, both not having any luck with relationships both tired of being torn down by people that thought they loved, but did they really love them? Maybe they did but that was in the past.
 At night she wondered if she ever would find someone to treat her right and love her for her. At night he thought the same and wondered if anyone could come close to his heart again?
The last relationship she had been through threw her for a loop her own family member betrayed her, how would she ever trust her again how would she ever cope with the pain and loss she was feeling scared to ever love again, but she knew in her heart her true love was out there waiting for her.

 He had been though a relationship that hurt him badly, for he would never speak of it, only called it his "Heart Break from Hell'. He really cared for the girl and he thought she did too?
However he was wrong or was he right did she actually care about him? Who will ever know? Neither you nor I!  Because these to have started a new chapter in there lives, together as a couple!

They Both remember that night like it was yesterday when they first met on line in a chat room a thrill not knowing a person but having so much in common. His screen name was hawaiianpride21 and hers was nikki31169, he was twenty one and she was seventeen. but see before this story goes on she hasn't told him one BIG thing. She needed to inform him that she was a mom to a one year old little boy.
But she knew she had to tell him she couldn't start this out in a lie, so she took the chance and told him the truth. 
By her amazement he wrote her back and said "hey don't worry about it I am not one of those guys that would look down on or turn away from you because you have a child its no big deal, it happens.
I only know you as a Internet person so, who knows maybe we will meet someday or maybe not.
Anyways, its all good! Either way we cannot take back what has already happened. 
I also can not make judgement  about you we have only ever talked over the computer so it wouldn't be fair to either of us. I'm glad you told me and again don't worry it makes no difference to me.
They both signed off that night, who would ever guess that they would start talking every night after that, they even moved to the telephone that one night evolved into months into years.

Come back for part 2.......

This girl is back on???

Hello world for those of you who really, I mean really know me know that I was on Alli last Year and lost 40lbs(Yeah Me) now Boo Me I gained all that shit back! :( I know right?

But Yesterday I started back up on Alli and I'm excited about it I can hear that size 10 coming my way!
So what brought this on your thinking huh? wasn't she eating right and working out? I efffin have been but still manged to gain 8M*****Effin pounds! SO DON'T SAY (water weight, muscle mass bullshit I don't want to hear it) since yesterday I've lost 2lbs Ok so onto another subject.......

So the other day my Hubby bought me a cool Kenmore Convection oven since our Toaster oven was taking 10mins to toast bread( FML) Isn't she pretty? I think so now only if I could master the art of not burning something in her LOL.

Holy shit, my kids start school next week OMG my 13yr old will finally be a real 13yr old too on the 25th and in 8th grade and Lilo will be in 2nd grade.
Wow where has the summer gone? I swear it was just yesterday the kids were just getting out of school.
But before I know it, it will be Christmas lol.

Ohhh exciting news my BF Lisa is working on a children's book and I'm so excited for her I can't wait to read the book and buy it! So Crazy excited for her this is one of her dreams! SO MAD PROPS EPIC AWESOMESAUCE LISA!

I know its not a hippo wearing panties but I thought it was funny!

So here you go, come back tomorrow for another blog from the Queen of her own house!

Love Me!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

opp's its been awhile

So Yeah its been awhile I've been busy, I mean busy and a lot of crap going on too. OMG I want to be a ostrich and put my head in the ground to avoid reality right now.

Anyways Friday we went to the Niner Game it was Epic

But a couple of days before that 13yr old was in the backyard getting the pool ready for us to all go in and he found a bunny so I came out with gloves picked it up and found out that it couldn't move its whole left side so I thought maybe a hawk dropped it oh was I wrong 
I had to call the hubby to help me out!

But besides that I have been busy getting school shit ready for the kids so far all the clothes are done, and they both have shoes!  Now all I need is for school to start cause my kids are driving me up the wall.!
well thats it I will write more tomorrow!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I hate the Mall

So even as a teen I hated the mall and still as an adult I still hate the mall! I guess its because I grew up with my parents working pay check to pay check, and plus I seriously lived down the street from it and when I was 17 I worked at a mall.
Ok, so Friday I had to take my car to sears to get work done and the mall in Tracy,Ca sucks Donkey Balls! They don't have shit there and Lilo has been saving her money to go to Build a Bear and buy outfits for  Koko the Dog! so I went to the Modesto one I arrived there at 11am I didn't depart from the mall until 5pm yup you read that right 5 freaking PM. So we begin our journey at sears of course, then we walked around trying to find "BAB" then $60 later we walked out and we looked at almost all of the store then we went and had lunch she got  a hot dog on a stick and I got a auntie Annie's pretzel Yum! Then we went back to sears and got a couple of things she got a cute coat for $20 and I got a new shower head, and something for 13yr old since his birthday is a couple of weeks away. so I buy that shit and go and check on my car that time its 2:45pm still not done :( oh did I mention its hotter then Satan's ball in the mall so Lilo and I hitted up Cold Stone Creamery again YUMM  so after that we walked again and I went into this shoe store that I call the Stripper shoe store! and they had  cute sandals for $10 and in my size to I walked out of there with a new pair of cute sandals so then back to Sears and finally at 4:45 I paid $864.00 for my car, she got new routers,brakes,tires, alignment and oil change! And they told me to wait outside and my car will be right out! Umm nope, at 4:55 my car was still up in the air! Ok  finally at 5pm I'm in my car driving away from the mall!
Thank GOD!!!!

So Yesterday I had my BF time with Epic Lisa we went to Wallie World first I had to get a couple of things then we were off to go get our toes done and my nails too! We got there at 2pm sheesh we didn't leave there until 4pm but now we both have pretty toes and I have some sexy nails too!

So Today I got the cleaning bug gosh don't you hate when you get that bug? so I went a step further and rearrange my living room and I like it! so There you go my life in the past couple of days!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ok, so everytime I go on here I read something about Chickshit! And since I do have the Freedom of Speech! I'm going to say this I don't care if your purple, pink, blue, tan, white, black, olive! I can careless if you love a woman or a man its not for me to judge you I only judge myself and my kids! Please don't listen to the people on here that say your a sin for loving who you are. Stand Up and be Proud never put your head down just because a business doesn't agree with you. you never know maybe the CEO is in the closet and just so scared to come out some people didn't have it like us growing up they had to worry about where the whites go and blacks. We were able to say hmmm Maybe I don't like the other sex and I want to try the other team. And come to find out a lot of the children who grew up in that time are coming out of the closet.