Sunday, August 5, 2012

I hate the Mall

So even as a teen I hated the mall and still as an adult I still hate the mall! I guess its because I grew up with my parents working pay check to pay check, and plus I seriously lived down the street from it and when I was 17 I worked at a mall.
Ok, so Friday I had to take my car to sears to get work done and the mall in Tracy,Ca sucks Donkey Balls! They don't have shit there and Lilo has been saving her money to go to Build a Bear and buy outfits for  Koko the Dog! so I went to the Modesto one I arrived there at 11am I didn't depart from the mall until 5pm yup you read that right 5 freaking PM. So we begin our journey at sears of course, then we walked around trying to find "BAB" then $60 later we walked out and we looked at almost all of the store then we went and had lunch she got  a hot dog on a stick and I got a auntie Annie's pretzel Yum! Then we went back to sears and got a couple of things she got a cute coat for $20 and I got a new shower head, and something for 13yr old since his birthday is a couple of weeks away. so I buy that shit and go and check on my car that time its 2:45pm still not done :( oh did I mention its hotter then Satan's ball in the mall so Lilo and I hitted up Cold Stone Creamery again YUMM  so after that we walked again and I went into this shoe store that I call the Stripper shoe store! and they had  cute sandals for $10 and in my size to I walked out of there with a new pair of cute sandals so then back to Sears and finally at 4:45 I paid $864.00 for my car, she got new routers,brakes,tires, alignment and oil change! And they told me to wait outside and my car will be right out! Umm nope, at 4:55 my car was still up in the air! Ok  finally at 5pm I'm in my car driving away from the mall!
Thank GOD!!!!

So Yesterday I had my BF time with Epic Lisa we went to Wallie World first I had to get a couple of things then we were off to go get our toes done and my nails too! We got there at 2pm sheesh we didn't leave there until 4pm but now we both have pretty toes and I have some sexy nails too!

So Today I got the cleaning bug gosh don't you hate when you get that bug? so I went a step further and rearrange my living room and I like it! so There you go my life in the past couple of days!

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