Monday, August 13, 2012

This girl is back on???

Hello world for those of you who really, I mean really know me know that I was on Alli last Year and lost 40lbs(Yeah Me) now Boo Me I gained all that shit back! :( I know right?

But Yesterday I started back up on Alli and I'm excited about it I can hear that size 10 coming my way!
So what brought this on your thinking huh? wasn't she eating right and working out? I efffin have been but still manged to gain 8M*****Effin pounds! SO DON'T SAY (water weight, muscle mass bullshit I don't want to hear it) since yesterday I've lost 2lbs Ok so onto another subject.......

So the other day my Hubby bought me a cool Kenmore Convection oven since our Toaster oven was taking 10mins to toast bread( FML) Isn't she pretty? I think so now only if I could master the art of not burning something in her LOL.

Holy shit, my kids start school next week OMG my 13yr old will finally be a real 13yr old too on the 25th and in 8th grade and Lilo will be in 2nd grade.
Wow where has the summer gone? I swear it was just yesterday the kids were just getting out of school.
But before I know it, it will be Christmas lol.

Ohhh exciting news my BF Lisa is working on a children's book and I'm so excited for her I can't wait to read the book and buy it! So Crazy excited for her this is one of her dreams! SO MAD PROPS EPIC AWESOMESAUCE LISA!

I know its not a hippo wearing panties but I thought it was funny!

So here you go, come back tomorrow for another blog from the Queen of her own house!

Love Me!

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