Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I swear

I'm a horrible person for not keeping this page updated. But life has been well Life!
First of all let me post I miss my EPIC!!!

Measurement Status 
Pants 11
Bra 36DDD
Tshirt L

Pants 10 or 8
Shirts Medium
Bra 34DDD 

So much has happened lilo is in gymnastics and ♥'s it Football is over I wished I had good news about the season but I don't we didn't win a single game. (shocker)
I  and others but shall not name names  believe our coaching staff has given up point blank.

Anyways that's all I got right now, nothing is really coming to mind nothing is screaming write this.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brave New World

Good Morning my Darlings,

Lets set the mood, 

Ok, Mood is set right?  Your probably wonder why the sad song, who and what and where?
Well my Epic moved to another town living a fabulous life that she and her family so deserve but I miss her deeply. I have literally seen her every day for the past 3.5 years this year was the first year we didn't walk our kids to school on their first day. So yes I'm having a pity party for 1....
Don't get me wrong I'm so happy for her, ecstatic actually for her and family to have this opportunity.
We just need to adjust and txt more or call each other more! We will I know it! 
                      So my Epic, I miss your face, and can't wait to see you next week!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Damn look at the time!

Where are my manners? I am sorry I have put this on the back burner you can say, life has been whack!
    Here is the good news lets talk about sizes.....
I was a size 14
 almost a 12
Bra 38 DDD now 36 DDD
T-Shirt XL depends on shirt L

as of 7/27/14
size 11-10
Bra 36DDD 
T-shirts L 
Coming in hot at 167lbs

I'm still working and loving it, I want to write more but I need to get ready for a baby shower for my girl Vanessa and my friend Melissa will be here soon and I haven't even begone to get ready. I promise to post more but I do have a new pic for you all

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oh Snap!

Well damn I went and got a job! Oh yeah you read that right A JOB :)

Its nothing fancy just working at Target yes I said that the stuck up way LOL
So I've been crazy busy but I'm enjoying working again so that is a plus I guess?
I'm down to 176 and my 14 shorts are getting seriously lose I'm even having to wear a belt

so that is it basically I will have more soon I promise but I can't keep my eyes awake!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Being spoiled never hurt...

So Saturday my lilo went off to girl scout camp and I mean Early too. 
So I grabbed my Epic and we went to deep water aerobics at the rec center 
an hour later we had our toes and eyebrows done.
So later on I came home and told the hubby it was date night, we had only 14yr old home 
and he can fend for himself. Hubby didn't sound to thrilled about my brilliant plan so I went and took a nap. Roughly 25mins later hubby comes into the bedroom tells me to dress nice we leave in 35mins Umm Ok..
So we start driving and driving and I notice we are going towards Mountain View I'm like ok the
Back Street Boys concert is this weekend ????  Nope not a chance lol
So we see the exit for Great American Amusement park and do you know whats across the street from the park? well do you? 

Levi Stadium New Home of the San Francisco 49ers
So we drive by and take pictures and talk about how excited we are about coming to watch games here. 
 Next stop Saratoga, CA so he tells me we are going to walk so I guess I should add I'm in some really cute killer wedge sandles and a cute hot pink sun dress

so this place is pitch dark while I was there reminded me of a spooky haunted house!

So this dinner took 2hours to complete and it was so worth it and thank god the hubby parked 3blocks away I needed the walk after all of that.

So phase 2 of the date hubby called it 

Yes I was Giddy I've been wanting to come here since I moved to California 12yrs ago! And the tour is 65mins long you walk over a mile in the house alone. 
The most epic thing was we were doing it a dusk!  I don't think the hubby really cared for it but I was in Awe over everything. 14yr old was pissed that he didn't get to go but we are going to take them to the mystery spot in Santa Cruz over the summer.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Breaking News!!!

So I was starting to put away my never ending pile of laundry and I remembered my girl Jennifer gave me a bunch of size 12 pants since we are both short,
 So they have been sitting in a basket in the closet waiting for the day my fat ass could fit in them.
Well all be damned today is that day!

5/22/14 size 12 pants

I run out into the living room, throw my phone at the hubby and tell him to take my picture,
 I have to send this to Epic. LOL

I swear, I am all boobs!

Anyways I guess I should get back to that never ending pile since I put it on hold while I tried on every single pair of size 12's I could find in my closet!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fitness Challenge!

So I do these work-outs, I have an issue with getting kinda bored so this is how I spice it up while watching my shows
 (Drop Dead Diva, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Beauty & the Beast Etc...) 
while doing these plus I also add 30 mins on the Elliptical too. And if I want something quick and easy I do a DVD I usually do 40 mins of this DVD.
let me Explain, Duh ! I rotate which circuit I start out with one days I just do 2 challenges and the Squats that one is mandatory for my ass ( Honestly my ass is flat)
You can find all my workout Ideas and plans on my pinterest board


Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 months down more to go......

So, earlier this week I hit my 4 months post op. 
And damn I feel good! 
Things I've noticed I'm able to sit in weird position and I'm comfortable! Oh and my tail bone kills me when I sit down its drives me crazy I never really had a ass but damn I miss the padding LOL.

So on my last post 4/13/14 
I was a size 14
still a 14 almost a 12
Bra 38 DDD now 36 DDD
T-Shirt XL depends on shirt L

May 12,2014  180lbs
October 18,2012  250lbs
Oh my  freaking god, I wore a juniors size 14 dress  and it felt great! But seriously what is with the 90's clothing coming back into style really I saw sunflower print dress and  crop tops and high waist  pants.

So Random News: Please click on my Epics Picture and check out her amazing blog it has tons on yummy WLS Recipes that I've had the honor in trying!  Without this chick my world would be completely dark and scary! ♥ you Epic♥

So I saw this on pinterest and I like it so I'm sharing it 


Minus the dating scene I ♥ my Hubby How about Improve sex appeal to Hubby! 

Remember to check back in soon and if you want look me up on 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

3 months out today

I don't think you can really tell I started this amazing journey last August my EPIC and I started taking pictures every month to follow are path to see where we have been. 
August 2013 I was 230 lbs, February 2014 I was 200 lbs,  March 2014 198 lbs, April 2014 189 lbs.

Start Pants 18
Now pants  14-12
Bra Start 44 DDD
Bra Now 38 DD
T shirsts Start  2XL
T shirts Now XL

Only thing I honestly notice are my boob's they look like rockets! LOL

If you have been following me, you know I went to Hawaii last summer well while I was there my Hubby bought me some cute hawaiian print shorts I ♥'d them but couldn't get them past my thunder thighs! (real problem) 
So today I found them in a pile I proclaimed "NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN" and said what the hell I tried them on and damn it to hell they fit and where loose! So excited me, I called the hubby and he was like yeah, then he told me to change before I brought him and his staff lunch. (side note I'm PMS something fierce)  I wanted to cry I took them off and changed and now I feel like a humpback whale. :( 
I have dropped pants sizes and even bra sizes but yet I still feel like a whale 

I can't explain why I feel this way but sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the Me I was last summer.
Not the me now and that sinking feeling creeps back and my mood is ruined.

Anyways today is 3 months since I had the surgery I just wanted to share and vent I guess!
Day of my Surgery I was 220 now 3months out I am 189 and still losing!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Do you Believe in Magic?

Do you believe in magic, in a young girl's heart? How the music can free her, whenever it starts
 And it's magic, if the music is groovy It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie
 I'll tell you about the magic and it'll free your soul
 But it's like tryin' to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll If you believe in magic, don't bother to choose
 If it's jug band music or rhythm and blues Just go and listen, it'll start with a smile
 It won't wipe off your face, no matter how hard you try 
Your feet start tapping and you can't seem to find How you got there, so just blow your mind
 If you believe in magic, come along with me We'll dance until mornin' 'til there's just you and me 
And maybe, if the music is right I'll meet you tomorrow, sort of late at night
 And we'll go dancing, baby, then you'll see How the magic's in the music and the music's in me 
 Yeah, do you believe in magic? Yeah, believe in the magic of a young girl's soul 
Believe in the magic of rock and roll Believe in the magic that can set you free
 Oh, talkin' 'bout magic
 (Do you believe like I believe?) Do you believe in magic?

So this song is stuck in my head right maybe cause I need to watch  Pitch Perfect or maybe I've seen it to many times?

Ok, so down to business! I've lost 12lbs since my surgery on 1/13/2014
Just got off the phone with my Doctor and he told me to move up to stage 3 so instead of stage 1 Jello, liquids, clear stuff and stage 2 Jello, Strained soup, Applesauce. 
I can move to STAGE 3
This means scrambled eggs, lunch meat, cooked veggies!!! REAL FOOD!!
This makes a Happy Momma!
So in the talk of all of this Pain level is good not really any unless I bend a certain way.
I'm peeing like a race horse though. 

So let me run this down for you.

Calorie for me right now 400-500
Protein 70-80g
Carbs 30-100g
Fat no more then 30g
Sugar the less the better
Fluids 64 ounces 

So basically that is all I got People!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Write this Down January 17, 2014

So I finally did it, I had surgery and yes I'm sore and that's ok with me!
And Yes I know its been FOREVER since I've been on here shit my bad I swear people can change! (LOL)
But since I had the surgery on Monday January 13th, 2014 (Grumpers 4th Birthday) I knew I had luck on my side! I need to start blogging again with this kind of surgery there are times a person can think what the hell did I just do to my body. I know I have my Epic and our support group, but sometimes its better to write about it then talk if you know what I mean.
So there will be at least one blog a week (fingers crossed)
So wish me luck I'm so excited to start this journey and my new life.

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