Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 months down more to go......

So, earlier this week I hit my 4 months post op. 
And damn I feel good! 
Things I've noticed I'm able to sit in weird position and I'm comfortable! Oh and my tail bone kills me when I sit down its drives me crazy I never really had a ass but damn I miss the padding LOL.

So on my last post 4/13/14 
I was a size 14
still a 14 almost a 12
Bra 38 DDD now 36 DDD
T-Shirt XL depends on shirt L

May 12,2014  180lbs
October 18,2012  250lbs
Oh my  freaking god, I wore a juniors size 14 dress  and it felt great! But seriously what is with the 90's clothing coming back into style really I saw sunflower print dress and  crop tops and high waist  pants.

So Random News: Please click on my Epics Picture and check out her amazing blog it has tons on yummy WLS Recipes that I've had the honor in trying!  Without this chick my world would be completely dark and scary! ♥ you Epic♥

So I saw this on pinterest and I like it so I'm sharing it 


Minus the dating scene I ♥ my Hubby How about Improve sex appeal to Hubby! 

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