Monday, May 26, 2014

Being spoiled never hurt...

So Saturday my lilo went off to girl scout camp and I mean Early too. 
So I grabbed my Epic and we went to deep water aerobics at the rec center 
an hour later we had our toes and eyebrows done.
So later on I came home and told the hubby it was date night, we had only 14yr old home 
and he can fend for himself. Hubby didn't sound to thrilled about my brilliant plan so I went and took a nap. Roughly 25mins later hubby comes into the bedroom tells me to dress nice we leave in 35mins Umm Ok..
So we start driving and driving and I notice we are going towards Mountain View I'm like ok the
Back Street Boys concert is this weekend ????  Nope not a chance lol
So we see the exit for Great American Amusement park and do you know whats across the street from the park? well do you? 

Levi Stadium New Home of the San Francisco 49ers
So we drive by and take pictures and talk about how excited we are about coming to watch games here. 
 Next stop Saratoga, CA so he tells me we are going to walk so I guess I should add I'm in some really cute killer wedge sandles and a cute hot pink sun dress

so this place is pitch dark while I was there reminded me of a spooky haunted house!

So this dinner took 2hours to complete and it was so worth it and thank god the hubby parked 3blocks away I needed the walk after all of that.

So phase 2 of the date hubby called it 

Yes I was Giddy I've been wanting to come here since I moved to California 12yrs ago! And the tour is 65mins long you walk over a mile in the house alone. 
The most epic thing was we were doing it a dusk!  I don't think the hubby really cared for it but I was in Awe over everything. 14yr old was pissed that he didn't get to go but we are going to take them to the mystery spot in Santa Cruz over the summer.

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