Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Story.... Part 1

So awhile back I wrote a story about the Hubby & I and I'm posting it on here so I can put faith of love back into someones life.

So here we go.........

   Two people thousands of miles apart with completely different lives only one thing in common at first is wanting to find true love. Her in Oklahoma and him in California, both not having any luck with relationships both tired of being torn down by people that thought they loved, but did they really love them? Maybe they did but that was in the past.
 At night she wondered if she ever would find someone to treat her right and love her for her. At night he thought the same and wondered if anyone could come close to his heart again?
The last relationship she had been through threw her for a loop her own family member betrayed her, how would she ever trust her again how would she ever cope with the pain and loss she was feeling scared to ever love again, but she knew in her heart her true love was out there waiting for her.

 He had been though a relationship that hurt him badly, for he would never speak of it, only called it his "Heart Break from Hell'. He really cared for the girl and he thought she did too?
However he was wrong or was he right did she actually care about him? Who will ever know? Neither you nor I!  Because these to have started a new chapter in there lives, together as a couple!

They Both remember that night like it was yesterday when they first met on line in a chat room a thrill not knowing a person but having so much in common. His screen name was hawaiianpride21 and hers was nikki31169, he was twenty one and she was seventeen. but see before this story goes on she hasn't told him one BIG thing. She needed to inform him that she was a mom to a one year old little boy.
But she knew she had to tell him she couldn't start this out in a lie, so she took the chance and told him the truth. 
By her amazement he wrote her back and said "hey don't worry about it I am not one of those guys that would look down on or turn away from you because you have a child its no big deal, it happens.
I only know you as a Internet person so, who knows maybe we will meet someday or maybe not.
Anyways, its all good! Either way we cannot take back what has already happened. 
I also can not make judgement  about you we have only ever talked over the computer so it wouldn't be fair to either of us. I'm glad you told me and again don't worry it makes no difference to me.
They both signed off that night, who would ever guess that they would start talking every night after that, they even moved to the telephone that one night evolved into months into years.

Come back for part 2.......

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