Monday, September 3, 2012

juggling act

My world has been a circus, and  I the ringmaster! I swear I've been none stop, I mean come on it took me a week to read 1 damn book. Your probably wondering why I'm so busy lets see, I'm back to work, Kids back to school. Football practice 13yr old got hurt he strained his groin (ouch).
Now I think Lilo  has a sinus infection or something? I do know that this hot one day cold the next is really pissing me off please Mother Nature take your menopause med's!

So on Saturday I had to go and pick up 13yr old from his friends house ( he spent the night duh).
 I gave the hubby the Costco shopping list so he took lilo with him. And when I got home my lilo had a pair of Stompeez

she is grinning ear to ear too! Then I notice on the table he also bought me a huge body pillow I've been wanting!  Then Lilo Pulls out Pink Roses from the fridge and my heart melts....
So after the roses I've forgiven him for spending way to much $ oh I almost for got they bought McKinley a new doggy bed too with memory foam!
 So back to what I was saying Hubby grabbed my hand and covered my eyes and led me into our bedroom Kinky right? At first I thought so too, then he shoves me on the bed and it was soft I was melting into my bed. Why was I melting into my bed? why couldn't I get into bed? why was it taller? He bought the Good Memory foam bedding shit at Bed,Bath & Beyond! Since we keep bitching our back hurt when we wake up and we have only had the bed for 2yrs! Omg let me tell you I love it I sleep so good my Boob's aren't  sore anymore from being smashed, my back hasn't hurt ether!

I'm in love<3

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