Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did I tell you I hate September?

Oh How I hate September now!

Let me Count the ways:
1. First Cabela's royally screwed me! they bent me over and said take it bitch!$3459.75
2.Then they did it again$3459.75
3. Then Again $3459.75
4. Then Yesterday my Check Engine Light came on and I'm praying its only the computer cause if its the tansmission I'm royally F-bombed!

So a big Thank you to Chase for helping me out since my other Credit Card company sucks Donkey balls!

So on another note my boys are gone this weekend so its me and Lilo well plus Mckinley! we are have a girl weekend!

Sorry its been so long I've started back to work and not getting home until late then dinner and kids so I need a better grasp on things I will make this work!

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