Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today is up in the air....

Hello blog, looks like today is going to be another hot/sticky one today I hear their is a cooling system coming in this weekend (when I feel it I will believe it)! As of right now its 9am at my home and inside of my home it is is chilly 83* (not really happy)

So here is the News today: Livermore high today hotter then Satan's balls.
Jeremy working on his day off, The Rockster (next door dog) went back to his loving home last night (shed a tear) see him next week I think I will have to confirm with his parents! 
Mother in law is due to arrive in a couple of hours to spend some much need quality time with this crazy household. There you have it People come back tomorrow for the local bullshit news!

LOL, so really that was fun might start doing that more! (IDK) so on Tuesday I did this and let me tell you that Pilates is no joke my ab's are killin me but yet I'm going to do it again it was super easy and it really didn't feel like I was working out but the next day whole other story!

So I'll post more later on I need to do some shit before my Mother in law gets here.

Love, Me

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