Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Commitment to MySelf

  Weight Loss Commitment
I, Nikki, hereby promise to lose weight. I’m making this  commitment to myself and you to make 2012 the year I  lose weight & keep it off! Every pound I lose will:  
Improve my energy  Reduce aches and pains 
Improve my sleep Decrease my risk of a heart attack
Decrease my risk of a stroke Help prevent Type 2 Diabetes 
Increase my life expectancy I recognize the benefits to my health and commit to:
Burning 3,500 calories a week for a safe weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.
Cardiovascular exercise (ie: walking, running, dancing, aerobics) 45-60 
minutes, four to five times a week.
Making better food choices – increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables and 
reducing my intake of processed foods.
Signing this contract and making the commitment to lose weight means that I 
will live a healthier life and be provided the chance to spend more time with my family

Weight Loss Contract with Myself
 I, nikki agree to perform everything as to complete the following weight loss goal:
 Current Weight:   225 Date: 7/10/12
Weight Loss Goal for this Agreement:  -65                  
Target Weight:     160    Date: _7/10/13

I, Nikki, hereby commit to starting today to achieve the weight loss that I know I want and need to feel good about myself. I hereby take sole responsibility for my weight and am willing to make permanent changes in my diet and exercise habits in order to live a healthier lifestyle.
 Starting today and moving forward, I will no longer be denied the success I deserve. This is an important day in my life, the day I make the final commitment to do what needs to be done, to consistently focus on my goal and eat healthy, every hour, every day, every week moving forward. I will no longer make excuses or justify my current unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
 I understand that my weight loss goal is going to be reached by developing new healthy habits overtime. I understand that I will not have to settle with my current weight. I have the power to change my relationship with food to one that supports my desire for a new healthy lifestyle.
 NIKKI OLSON     Date: __7/10/2012  
Signature of Commitment

As I sign this contract, I understand that my future is my responsibility and I recognize I am capable of achieving my goal.

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