Friday, July 13, 2012

Momma got a new toy

So yesterday my mother in law came over to vist, we haven't seen her in a year! LILO was happy to see her, 13yr old wasn't sure he still was bothered by things. So we went out to @JOhnny garlics yummy for lunch and I had the "tequila lime chicken sandwich" omg delicious! Oh it happens to be right next to best buy oh and I happen to bat my eyes and said can we just go look? Guess who came out of best buy with a brand new ipad hehehe.... I am so in love... So yeah guess where this blog is being written my iPad baby. I had a blast face timing with my bf Lisa she was showing me the ropes. Today's dinner was a rib eye steak ranch roasted red taters and fresh local corn on the Cobb. Jeremy and I split the steak he also had crab & lobster. As you tell we went shopping today lmao they had 2lobsters for $8.50 Oh and or lunch I had. Smartone Mac nd cheese yummy. So there you go today! see what I write tomorrow. Love, me

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