Monday, July 30, 2012

Omg its football season.....

So tomorrow my 13yr old starts football practice with the new league we joined LJFL for the past 4 years we have been with Livermore Youth Football. But after a couple of season I thought it would be good to relax and actually watch my child play football instead of making parents act like parents and make them volunteer which I should add it was like pulling teeth. OMG PPL its for your kids!! but no I was constantly running around with my head cut off, Only bonus I had some awesome Coaches last season!

Fingers crossed this is his last year of Youth Football too, OMG next year he will be a Freshman..... I feel the anxiety attack coming on. My Freshman Year is when I got Pregnant with him.........   :(
Ok, so good thing about this new League we only practice 3days a week 5-7 no more 5days a week 
for 6-8pm and we play in town no more traveling to Napa, American Canyon, Antioch! No more paying $4 to go watch my son play! No More of the President of the League asking me Questions!!!! Ok now that I've vented! LMAO
Ok, so I just found this image and I find it Hilarious because my son's new team is the Packers LOL... mwahhhhhhhh!!!!
Ok, so There you have it today come back tomorrow to find out how practice went and what new book I'm going to start!

Love, Me

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