Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Friday Night!

There's a pounding in my head, Glitter all over the room

Pink flamingos in the pool, I smell like a minibar, DJ's passed out in the yard
Barbie's on the barbecue, This a hickie or a bruise, Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park, Skinny dipping in the dark, Then had a ménage à trois

Last Friday night, Yeah I think we broke the law, Always say we're gonna stop
Oh-whoa-oh, This Friday night, Do it all again

So Friday we had a Party for our Friend in the black shirt he turned 23 years old! We had a bunch of friends over and jello shots and a lot of shots! somehow a couple of us ended up in my pool and a tire too IDK? The Party didn't come to end until 2:30am it was a blast only one person lost his dinner on my porch (yuck) I know! We had a lot of food we did a Crab Feed I also made hot wings and Tequila lime wings and our famous cheesy bread bowls. At the end of the night we had no food left finished 2 bottles of Jagger, a lot of beer and my Vodka :(
 Even my kids had fun we cleaned the beer bong out and Chris did a sprite bong (bad mom huh) BTW I was sober I only had a couple drinks. Even Beer Pong made a appearance it was a great night!

My BF and I worked our Asses off on this Cake! BTW he loved it he is still talking about it! I can't wait to make another cake with her I hope this time she doesn't stab it like she did this one LMAO

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