Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ode to Camping

      Sorry its been awhile I'm not like my Epic BF and where I was I had no Wifi or even cell service!
so Olson camping was a blast I had the whole truck packed and the kids decide that they want to bring there bikes so (thank god for tie downs) my hubby plopped them on top of all our shit so we really looked like hillbillies.

        We arrived at Stampede Reservoir campground  up by Truckee or really 20 mins from Nevada.
Started uploading the campsite and oh wow its been awhile since we put together our Cabin(tent)**My Car could fit in it** it use to only take us 10 mins to put together nope not this time more like 35mins lmao.

    And Yes you read that right I said tent we old school it! so after the air mattress were filled and sleeping bags in place, chairs out, Mckinley tied up we where ready for anything! Except the damn CHIPMUNKS
they were everywhere! So the first day of our trip we had Hebrew Fat Free hot dogs and you should of seen my families faces it was EPIC, all I know I am banned from screwing up hot dogs I will never buy fat free dogs again I swear!

DAY 2 of the trip we woke up and  the kids had cereal and Jeremy and I had some granola and nut thing I picked threw it lol.  Then we were off to go shooting chris needed practice since he got a junior hunt tag that ( CALIFORNIA ONLY HANDS OUT 50 OF) So it was Priority that he practice and I love shooting my gun too. we bought him a cardboard deer that should the vital signs he had to make 20 in a shots. I even shot his gun and the hubbys 7mg Rifle and I hit the target in the heart twice!!!!! YEAH ME!!!!

 so Yeah these are pics from day one it was a blast no pun intended lol! Later on this day we went to Cabela's in Nevada and I bought a new hoodie its camo and the writing 
 is Hot pink! Lilo got a new camo chair too.
After we got back from that trip Yes I said Trip that place is huge! We chilled then went Fishing and swimming didn't catch shit but find out the water was nice and the kids had fun I mean MUDDY FUN. when we got back to camp my kids and I had mud in places I can't talk about OMG. so I had to baby wipe us not fun! so after that epic fun the kids took off on there bikes around the campsites they ended up making friends with some kids and riding all evening until dinner. 
Writing about dinner we had Steak and rice with Corn on the Cobb. Yumm
and smores for dessert. kids went to bed momma and daddy went and laid out a blanket and watched the stars oh yeah Lilo some how manged to get her hair stuck in her sleeping bag zipper! Again FML!

Duh, we woke up and the kids had breakfast then back off the the quarry to go shooting once again.
we did that for about 3hrs and had a blast! Then back for Lunch got to love Lunchables!  but we got back noticed that our pringle can had little bite marks DAMN CHIPMUNKS! so I baited the filled and watch Theodore eat them all. LOL.  Then it was off again to go fishing again didn't catch shit saw a bunch of babies thats it! ok so yes I took my Ipad with me and my Juicy Purse only because I didn't want  the truck getting broken into we were parked at the dam. Of Course the only way down to the spot where hubby wanted to fish was steep and loose dirt and rock and of Course its the time I wear FLIP FLOPS FML!
so after doing that for about in hour we left and went back to camp and the kids took off on there bikes once   again (me I'm happy they are exercising and meeting new kids on the other hand I'm yelling at 13yr old to watch his sister) Finally they come back wanting dinner ( Ribs, Beans, watermelon)!  so off to bed 2hrs later for kiddos and about an hour after the Hubby and I went to bed We were hearing walking around our tent so hubby ask me for the flashlite and he is checking things out find out its a really loud eating deer I mean LOUD!  so we go back to bed and then a couple hours go by and Hubby smells a strong pee smell *yuck* and of course through all of this our dog is snoring logs, Great Guard Dog huh?

We our leaving!!!!! ok first we wake up and hubby finds bobcat prints all around our campsite and then I notice a herd of deer right next to our area too. damn wildlife,  So We pack up and make sure there was no trace of us at our site. Then we were on the road to a HOT SHOWER!!!! I was so dirty I took 2 showers yesterday!!!

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