Monday, October 15, 2012

Omg What today has been

So Hey everyone I hope life is good!

So well lets start my topic off with back story first.......

so ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~REWIND~~~~~~~~~~~ (lol)

I totally had a flashback of Wayne's World!  Again LOL

So Last night I posted on my Fb that Quote "If you think I am a BITCH you should meet my Mom..And if that isn't enough..Go see my Sister!!"

So this morning I got a call at 6:45am Yeah you read that right it was my Mother calling YELLING!!
so I really couldn't get a word in so I hung up! (you're thinking uh bad move but thats the only way to shut her up) So After texting my sister oh and my mom beat me to it also.
So Finally giving my mom sometime to cool off I called her the first time she didn't answer  and then I waited another twenty minutes I called again  and she answered and I asked if she would talk without yelling.
so trying to explain to my mother this is on status shuffle I personally didn't write this and still she didn't understand. she  then went on ranting how I call her a bitch all the time so I called BULLSHIT! I asked her when was the last time I called her that, she replied when you were in high school..... LOL that was 10yrs ago! and she is still holding that over my head.

So yeah this has been fun (yeah Right huh?)
Why is it so hard to talk to my mom? oh then she went on about why was I up at 1:30am her time
it was 11:30 my time so now I'm 29 and I have a bed time?????

So here I am ranting and raving about it..... actually laughing my ass off from the whole situation.
Again only in my family where the crazies are always out with out  the full moon!

<3, Me

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