Friday, October 19, 2012

New Hair Color New Mood!

So on Tuesday the hubby and I, had a day date he took me out to breakfast in this hole in the wall diner and trust me I was kind of unsure about the diner but I fell in love! I ordered the country fried chicken with biscuit   and everything was fresh, OMG she even asked if I wanted more gravy for my biscuit????? OMG the taste made me feel like I was back home in Tulsa!:(

So after that hubby needed a haircut so while he did that I got my eyebrows done! Then I did  it I dyed my hair and I love it so I'll show you before and after pictures!

So  I am in <3! My Hubby loves it too so do the kiddos! 
So really this is all I got today! 13yr old has a game tomorrow at Livermore High School @3pm
if anyone wants to check it out!


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