Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh My headache

This week has been a crazy one and let me tell you I do not want a redo either LOL!

This week marked the first week of school, first week of everybody has their heads up there asses!
Nite before school started on Wednesday I couldn't for the love of coffee sleep! I stared at the wall, I counted how many times my hubby snored. And as soon as I did finally feel the call of sleep my damn alarm clock went off yelling for me to wake.

This year I have to wake earlier like 5:45 instead of 6:20 due to my 14yr old starting class at 8am instead of 8:20 like when he was in middle school. No! High school is 8am so that means I leave my house at 7:15am every morning! Gosh I'm tired just writing about it.
So after I dropped the big man on campus, Lilo and I went over to Epic's House to walk our kids to school together. While walking instead of driving to many new parents having a fit over there kids and not leaving the school, to leave us any parking spots that is why we opted to walk (good call too).
On top of that 14yr old has High school football now so after school he has practice until 6pm. And let me tell you what a wonderful ball of fun he is after that LOL.
So after I deal with him I head home and I've been forgetting to eat at night.Opps I guess!

So kids like their teachers Yeah! Me, Yeah! I on the other hand do not like one of 14yr olds football coaches he can kiss my nice No ASS!

Friday my 14yr old has his first High school Football Scrimmage we did good but the coach I don't like played the same 11 kids throughout the game that right there will wear them out, burn them out or even injury them. 14yr old finally played a couple plays (proud Momma here)
So after leaving the place sunburnt and a new headache we went back to the our high school to pick him up and Oh my he stunk!

So today 8/24 this day 14yrs ago I was admitted into the hospital to have my baby boy!
Tomorrow 14yr old really turns 14!  So Happy Early Birthday honey!
so Party tomorrow mixed with some fantasy football and some San Francisco 49ers it will be an Epic day!!

All for now!

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