Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Back Bloggers!!

Hello World, I'm Back!

Ok rewind I believe my last post was about me being 5lbs away from my surgery.
Well now fast forward I got my DATE 9/10/13 I'm so ecstatic about it. 
So currently I'm at 222lbs when I started this whole damn process I was 255lbs
    so total pounds lost "33"
Even bigger news my Epic is following me in the journey she is in the process of the surgery too. 
I couldn't be happier to have her by my side and vice versa for her.

Ok, Home front:
Ready? Grab a tissue or two, I have a Freshman in highschool and he is also on the freshman football team to. I'm so excited for him on this journey through life. Within in a 10 days he will be turning 14 ok now, I'm sobbing :( 

My lilo is starting 3rd grade this year and we just found out Epic's son and Lilo will finally be in the same class this year. We aren't thrilled with the teacher but trust me, we will be watching and listening for anything.

Mental Note: Hubby is not allowed to shop with daughter alone
            (prone to come home with hermit Crabs)

For Myself: I finally got my tattoo on back and my Hubby got his first tattoo!

On mine the Red Hibiscus represents my dad, the two pink plumeria are the kis and the white plumeria my dog McKinley and last the Hook is my Hubby!
Now his, is a Hawaiian fish hook since my Hubby is actual Hawaiian and a Fisherman! 

So Basically this summer has flown-by so fast I forgot to blink

Went to Kona, Hawaii had a blast got some ink done too hehehe! Went snorkeling everyday saw some amazing sea life even got chased by Honu (sea turtle) I'm not going to talk about the flight now I will not waste my breath on that horrible ordeal. Lets just say United Paid for the kids to go next year.

We went on our family camping trip and lets say FAIL! Night one two of the air mattress didn't have caps (SMH) then the second day the kids shot the guns and we tried to fish didn't really catch anything but sun. That night was when the excitement happened. We had to pack the camp up with in 20mins due to 14 year old falling on wrist that automatically started swelling and turning black and purple. So 2hrs later in the ER getting xrays, it was just sprained THANK GOD.
So there you go my summer in just a paragraph how sad to think about it!

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  1. ROFL!!! It was more than a paragraph and you just hit the highlights! :)