Thursday, December 13, 2012

Its only Thursday WTF?

I swear this week is going crazy slow! Don'tcha think so? On top of slow its been crazy cold out here where I live in the sticks, it was 55* (IN) my house Yeah you read that right. We tell  the kids if you are cold and more clothes, blankets! We lived in Pacifica so we are used to the cold. Only down fall its makes me sleepy.
        But the Awesome Hubby just made a FIRE for me!
And the Awesome Hubby also let me order Papa Johns my Favorite Pizza!! OMG!!

So this week I have read #Kim Harrison newest Book out Into the Woods!
  * I <3ed me the stories about the Hallow I just loved it, and I also Loved her other short stories in the book too! But I really Can't wait for the next Hallow Series book.

So Here is my Pinterest Part of my blog ready!!
* it works my towels don't stink!

So I am looking at chores for 7 yr old and my 13yr old so I found this site tell me what you think

for 7yrs old it says ok never mind I read it and it sucked so I will write on Popsicle stick and stick them in a jar and they can pick! LOL

Well that's it for today see ya tomorrow!

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